South City Institute of management & Technology is established to support the national development by providing quality education to the masses. The Institute is managed by a group of dedicated professionals and academician who have committed their lives to the cause of not only upgrading the education standard in Pakistan but to provide excellent professionals who can meet the challenges and the requirements of 21' century onwards.

South City Institute of Management and Technology offers full time as well as part time on campus intermediate, Diploma of Associate Engineering (D.A.E) programs. All the programs are based on directed study and provide unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Dear Student,

I welcome you to South City of Institute of Management & Technology (SCIMT)

It is a great pleasure that you have selected this institute for your professional education.

The aim & objectives of this institute is to educate its graduate for an uncertain world in which the pace of changes seems to be ever accelerating. It is a fact that Business Administration, Textile and Compute Sciences have become the Leading discipline the field of education. Keeping in view the requirements of quality education in Pakistan the institute has established fully functional department & obtained NOC for the Charter from University Grant Commission UGC vide letter number 15-13/UGC-SEC/99/92.

At SCIMT we place great emphasis on applied study we won’t that our student should acquire the knowledge and abilities to develop a balanced personality in such a way as to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

We take pride in our ability to develop leaders with not only practical and useable Leadership skills, but with a sense of Social, Moral, Political and Ethical responsibilities.

I am sure that as you read through this prospectus, you will be convinced of the merits of studying at SCIMT.

I on behalf of my Faculty and Administrative staff, assure you that you will be provided with high quality education in such a conducive environment that you should feel proud to be part of the SCIMT family.

Looking forward to your Successful future.


Syed Sohail Aslam


Dear Student,

It gives me great pleasure to be part of a team that has succeeded In making South City Institute of Management & Technology / South City College a centre of excellence under the able guidance of Sir Syed Sohail Aslam, Director of South City College & South City Institute of Management & Technology, and of course, the untiring services of faculty and staff. The team work has always comes from an efficient administration through dedicated staff, qualified faculty and the motivated students which create a healthy environment. We hope that such efforts of our team will definitely prepare our new generation better equipped with all those skills and attributes which are the requirement of the time to come, SCIMT & SCC is playing its role in strengthening the educational system of the country and enhancing the quality of education since its creation in February 1998. We are committed and trying our best to produce professionals who would help make this world a better place to live Education of SCIMT & SCC addresses the fullest development of a person intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially and culturally. South City Institute of Management & Technology & SCC promote these goals by providing value based education to the students of every caste, colour and creeds in an atmosphere that encourages the advancement of creative thought processes I welcome and congratulate those who are seeking admission at South City Institute of Management & Technology and South City College.


Muhammad Ayub Khan